Monday, December 19, 2016

Episode One : The Beginening

Welcome, welcome! Pull up a chair, make yourself at home! But be's my first time.

Recently I've come to the realization that I am an addict.

Oh, not in the sense of "I'm addicted to these cinnamon candies!", but a full-blown, can't-stop-thinking-about-it, gotta-have-it-now hello-my-name-is-Jimmie addict.

To board games.

Over a very short time I've grown what was a modest collection of fairly unique games into a massive throng of space-gobbling artifacts that number in the hundreds. Some of which I've owned for a while now and have yet to see play!

You see, I stumbled across a Facebook page for the board game database site Board Game Geek, and my eyes were opened to a world where everyone thinks as I do.

God, that sounds cliche, doesn't it?

How about "You've taken your first step into a larger world"?

And it. was. glorious.

I'd found a place where the virtual guy or gal next to me liked talking about board games, liked thinking about board games, liked buying board games, but most importantly, they all liked playing board games just as much as I do!

This had two immediate effects :
1) I could scratch my addict's itch almost anytime of the day and
2) I went on a mad crusade to gather as much of the prized boxes of meeple-y   goodness to me as I possibly could.

These folks, they started talking about games I'd never heard of, games that were out of print, Ameritrash or Euro games....but damned if they didn't sound great! So I started researching the games being talked about, and the ones I liked I started hunting deals on. When I next looked up, I realized my board game storage required a far better solution than the one I had in place. Again I jumped into the online community and was absolutely schooled on what I should acquire.

And that's when I bought my first Kallax shelf. Kind of the proud board gamer standard.

I then found myself immersed in online shows about board games, because it still wasn't enough! I started spending all my non-playing free moments watching these shows, and after a time it hit me : I could write about the very things I am addicted to!
Not just inspired, but compelled!

So here we are now, you and I, about to tumble down the rabbit hole of reviews, game night write-ups, and any other geeky nonsense that strikes my fancy or claws unfettered from the jumbled warehouse of useless trivia that is my brain!

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